Geotechnical Services

Flat, easily developed land is now almost non-existent in the Puget Sound region. More than ever before, difficult soil, slope, or groundwater conditions require the expertise of knowledgeable geotechnical engineers to develop solutions to site constraints.

Clever Solutions

A well-planned development, large or small, starts with a thorough geotechnical study, involving subsurface explorations or a review of existing geologic information. We use this knowledge of soil conditions to recommend appropriate foundation and retaining systems, and slope stabilization measures.

Each study is tailored to fit specific site constraints and building plans. While much of our work is invisible, compared to the work of the architect, it is no less valuable. Solid geotechnical advice at the beginning of a project results in a structure that performs better and often costs less. It is a well known fact that design changes cost less when they occur prior to construction.

Comprehensive Responses

Geotech Consultants, Inc. teams up with a wide variety of clients to provide quality and cost-effective geotechnical services. We have served as the geotechnical engineer on over 6,000 projects for developers, commercial businesses, cities, schools, and private property owners.

  • Design recommendations for foundations, retaining walls, subsurface drainage, and excavation shoring
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Pavement and roadway studies
  • Geotechnical constraints related to sensitive areas regulations
  • Earthwork observation and testing
  • Landslide investigation and mitigation
  • Slope stability evaluations
  • Expert Witness services