Marc McGinnis

    As a Principal and geotechnical engineer, Marc is responsible for overall management of the company. Marc serves as both design engineer and project manager on a broad range of projects and has been with the firm since 1987. He has gained geotechnical design experience on a multitude of different sizes and scopes of projects, including single and multi-family residential buildings, low and high-rise commercial buildings, small embankment dams, bridges, excavation shoring, underground utility systems, and communication towers. These projects have involved a variety of foundation systems, ranging from conventional footings to deep foundations consisting of different types of drilled or driven piles. Excavation shoring has become a common component on many projects these days, especially where lots are being infilled in an urban setting. Marc is familiar with the design concepts and considerations related to the shoring systems being used in the Pacific Northwest.

    Marc’s engineering experience has included design and analysis of concrete and flexible pavements for public and private projects.  He has been involved with the study and repair of numerous landslides over the last 20 years. These slide repairs have varied in complexity from simply revegetating slides to constructing fill buttresses and tied-back soldier pile walls to stabilize deeper unstable ground.

    Marc has lived, gone to school, and worked in the Pacific Northwest all of his life. Some people may think it’s crazy, but he loves the climate and scenery of this part of the United States. Marc likes to sing, play the electric bass, and ride a tandem bicycle with his wife. Make sure not to ask him about his passion for the sport of rowing, unless you have a fair amount of spare time.