Our services are purchased by corporations, universities, and organizations
around the Pacific Northwest. Below is a small representation of the clients
we have provided our services for.

Ashwood Commons, 909 112th Ave NE, Bellevue

2-Phase mixed-use development located in downtown Bellevue. Phase-1
consisted of a 25-story multi-family residential building, while Phase-2
consisted of two 10-story office towers.  Soil nail shoring was utilized
for the approximate 40 to 50-foot deep excavation. Groundwater required
the installation of temporary dewatering sumps and permanent under slab drains. See photos in gallery.

7700 Central, Mercer Island

This commercial and residential mixed-use development in downtown Mercer Island
occupies an entire city block. The four above-ground buildings are
supported over a common parking garage that occupies the full extent of the
property. Soldier pile shoring was required for all four sides of the
excavation to restrain the surrounding streets while the basement excavation was
made. Portions of the shoring required tieback anchors, some of which
extended into the Interstate 90 right-of-way. Poor soil conditions
necessitated over-excavation and replacement with imported rock fill for a
portion of the foundations. See photos in gallery. To read about 7700 Central in the DDC Journal and see our ad, click here.

Driveway & Single Family Residence, North Bend

The residence on this project was constructed on a relatively small bench
located in the middle of steep slope areas in the North Bend area of King
County. The primary geotechnical consideration for this development was
construction of a paved driveway that had to cross very steep slope areas.
The presence of old slide debris, including large boulders, overlying hard,
intact bedrock required the use of micro-piles to support the driveway as a
structural, reinforced concrete deck.  Soil nail shoring was utilized to
temporarily retain the deep cut necessary for the house. Most of the
residence was supported directly on intact bedrock, however, portions had to be
carried on micro-piles extending through remaining slide debris to reach the

Repair of Landslide, Mercer Island

A Mercer Island residential property was affected by a landslide following heavy
rains. This slide came close to undermining an existing storm catchbasin,
an outfall line, and a modular block retaining wall. The slide was
repaired using an anchored pipe pile retaining wall. This retaining wall
was backfilled primarily with geofoam to reduce the loads that the wall had to
withstand. See photos in gallery.

Artsbrewery, Seattle

The Rainier Brewery, which ceased operations in 1998, includes approximately 25
buildings that span a quarter of a mile along Airport Way South. The plan
is to turn the complex into a multi-use development that provides affordable
live/work and community space to artists and homes for several arts and
nonprofit organizations, and continues to serve as Tully’s headquarters.
We have been providing geotechnical services on various areas of the complex
since 2003. Most notably, engineering services prior to, and through
construction of a new retail coffee shop at the northwestern corner of the
complex, a new roadway that extends along the eastern edge of the complex, and a
new storage facility at the southeastern corner of the complex. The
geotechnical engineering challenges on the projects is directly tied to the
geologic setting. Loose soils required the use of pile foundations,
sloping conditions made for several retaining structures and excavations, some
as much as 30 feet. Retaining structures range from soil-nail walls and
soldier-pile shoring to large conventional concrete walls. Currently, we
are involved with providing geotechnical engineering observation and testing
services for the storage facility. Monitoring of I-5, the existing site
buildings and the SPU tunnel is also underway. See photos in gallery.